Sleeping Indian Shoot Montana

Nature is our greatest teacher. In the great outdoors we learn about ourselves and learn to care for the land we all use. At Sleeping Indian, we are dedicated through our highly functional products to help more people mindfully experience and appreciate life outdoors.  Proudly made in the Rocky Mountains, U.S.A.

The DDI team had an amazing time shooting this job! Being on location in Montana with a top notch team was just incredible.  All of the talent were the real deal – the outfitters braving the elements in tough conditions, from snowy mountain trails, to frigid waters. It was a great pleasure working with Benny, Greg, Di and the whole team from Sleeping Indian.  Another exciting project working with Kevin at KRT Communications.

Check out the images below from the shoot for Sleeping Indian Montana.

SleepingIndian 615

SleepingIndian 34316

SleepingIndian 993

SleepingIndian 640

SleepingIndian 463



SleepingIndian 34447

SleepingIndian 1188

SleepingIndian 34385


SleepingIndian 311

SleepingIndian 1323

SleepingIndian 34751a


All Images ©Dean Digital Imaging Inc.  2016

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