Remington Outdoor Shoot

We have worked with the Remington Outdoor company for over thirty years.  This project hit three markets:  three gun competition, hunting, military/law enforcement.  These are great projects, working with the Broco team and ROC is always a good time.  Here is just a sampling from the two day shoot.

BFI_11_2014 14989BFI_11_2014 15478BFI_11_2014 15569BFI_11_2014 15696BFI_11_2014 15818BFI_11_2014 15948BFI_11_2014 16122BFI_11_2014 16768BFI_11_2014 16786BFI_11_2014 16848 1BFI_11_2014 16938BFI_11_2014 16990BFI_11_2014 17356BFI_11_2014 17407

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