Our Mello Yello + Realtree Shoot

Coca-Cola partnered with the agency United DSN to reinvigorate the fortunes of a classic soda from their extended portfolio. The challenge – to once again make Mello Yello credible, exciting and truly reflective of the ‘blue collar’ male audience that lies at the brands core.

The Coca-Cola brand team brilliantly engineered a partnership between Mello Yello and the Realtree brand. United working closely with the brand and design teams, developed a powerful limited edition 360 campaign that targeted all touch-points for the iconic brand.

Authenticity was key to the success of this new project. In creating an advertising campaign featuring David Blanton, renowned outdoorsman and presenter of Realtree Outdoors (TNN) United, photographer Floyd Dean of Dean Digital Imaging successfully captured the essence of the outdoor world.

Bold, rugged and unashamedly American, the new Mello Yello tagline ‘This is MY World’ speaks to the passion, pride and sense of adventure that embodies the Mello Yello consumer and the Mello Yello brand..

UnitedMelloYello 215401436200297754UnitedMelloYello 21490a1436566603657UnitedMelloYello 213981436200277794143821277600014362002558951436566148121a

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