Business Portraits and Corporate Lifestyle Photography by DDI

Creating a moment that makes a person feel comfortable in front of the camera can be challenging and also very rewarding – both for the subject or client as well  as for the photographer. Setting the tone with lighting and lens selection is key for capturing style and highlighting the subject. Detail is everything when it comes to capturing the essence of the moment.

1_SAP0772_Glencar RG_25904_pp3_Glencar RG_25761_ppExecutive PortraitPresident William ClintonExecutive Portrait7_C_Browne2V3_18_Koncordia Portraits 25150_ppExecutive Portrait9a_Koncordia Portraits 25249_pp9a_Society Mag0030_pp1Koncordia Portraits 24963_ppc

All Images ©Floyd Dean, Dean Digital Imaging Inc.

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